Aluminium False Ceilings

Aluminium False Ceilings

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Aluminium False Ceiling is are fabricated with prepainted and corrosion proof aluminum screen covered with shadow joint gap all over across the panel. Since aluminum is hard and durable product therefore, it is majorly used in ceilings. Its shine make it more attractive due to which it is also being implemented in various commercial buildings. They are low in cost because of the easy handling and installation of the frames. Thus it tends to less construction cost as it requires simple installation procedure along with less maintenance and repairing.

Importance of Aluminum Ceiling

They can conceal open wiring or piping, service line structures and air conditioner ducts. Also, they are offer an economic solution to change the look of your place. They can be choose in a variety of options like open cells, covered roof, plane, dome, curved, etc. Mainly this ceiling is used to prevent technological plant for lightning scenarios and to form a uniform space at even height scale. It serves many important purpose such as distribution of light and air is done uniformly. Additionally, we use quality raw material to fabricate the frame case in order to ensure perfect services are delivered at customers' end.

Advantages of Aluminium False Ceiling
  • It renders a smooth homogenous surface on the roof that look elegant
  • Support in Acoustic treatment
  • Covers all unwanted components of the main ceiling
  • Its water proof nature protects the ceiling from causing blisters or cracks.