Sun Control Film

Sun Control Film

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Lifestyle Interior manufactures an assortment of films for architectural usages. The purpose of application differs from Sun control, Privacy to Safety & Security and Aesthetics films. We claim to have an idyllic film for any glass quality. USP of our films is that they incline to offer custom appearance to any glass surface.

Sun Control Film while reasonable than its traditional counterpart are obtainable in different shades and in a variety of light transmission. These advantages make Sun Control Films a perfect choice to improve safety and aesthetics in Commercial and Residential projects. It has a variety of films providing to different necessities and sections which are extensively utiized for Residential purpose, Banks, ATM Centres, Corporate Offices, Hotels, Malls, Airports, Hospitals, IT & BPO Companies, Showrooms, Pharma Industry, Food Industry, etc.

These are a high performance window film that provide customers the high end presentation features without using of metalized film in product plan. The NIR Blocking organometallic nano particles combined within interlayer’s of laminate building in mixture with traditional dyed film in the product design offers long lasting heat defense to your interiors.